Project Overview

Demonstration: First Step / Oxygen-blown IGCC

Coal is gasified in a gasifier to generate syngas with carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2) being the main components. After this, the heat of the syngas is recovered in a syngas cooler and a gas clean-up unit removes impurities and sulfur from the syngas. Next, the syngas is combusted in the gas turbine combustor to drive the gas turbine. The combustion exhaust gas in the gas turbine is emitted from the stack after having its heat recovered by a heat recovery steam generator. Meanwhile, the steam turbine is driven by steam generated in the syngas cooler and the heat recovery steam generator.A combined cycle is then performed with this gas turbine and steam turbine. This makes it possible to achieve power generation efficiency beyond that of conventional pulverized coal-fired power generation.

Demonstration Facility / Schematic Flow

Demonstration Facility / Schematic Flow Figure

Demonstration Schedule

Demonstration Schedule

Demonstration Results

Item Targets Results so far
Basic performance
(Plant performance)
  • Net thermal efficiency: 40.5% (HHV)
  • Net thermal efficiency: 40.8% (HHV)
Basic performance
(Environmental performance)
  • SOx: 8 ppm
  • NOx: 5 ppm
  • Particulate: 3 mg/m3N (O2 equivalent 16%)
  • SOx: Less than 8 ppm
  • NOx: Less than 5 ppm
  • Particulate: Less than 3 mg/m3N (O2 equivalent 16%)
Coal variety compatibility
  • Determination of compatible coal property range
  • Tested 4 coal varieties and confirmed favorable compatibility
Facility reliability
  • Forecast of annual plant utilization factor of 70% or higher in a commercial plant-level (5,000-hour prolonged endurance test)
  • Prolonged endurance test: 5,119 hours
  • Continuous operation: 2,168 hours
Plant controllability & operability
  • Operating characteristics and controllability that are necessary for commercial thermal power plant (Load change rate: 1 to 3%, etc.)
  • Confirmed safe stoppage in emergency stop test
  • Load change rate: Confirmed up to 16%/min.
  • Confirmed stable operation with sending-end output at 0 MW
  • Confirmed favorable operability in sending-end output control
  • Obtained forecast of cold start-up time (GT start-up to rated load) of about 7 hours
  • Forecast that the generating cost at a commercial plant-level will be the same as or less than with pulverized coal power generation
  • Analyzing data obtained in demonstration test