Coal Gasification Technology

Features of Coal Gasification Technology

Increase in the Coal Varieties Used

Coal gasification excels at using low-grade coal(sub-bituminous coal and brown coal), which is not suitable for PCF plants. Therefore, it will be hardly seen that IGCC plants and PCF plants compete for their energy sources, which will contribute to cost-efficiecy and security in energy sector.

Source: WEC World Energy Resources 2013 Survey

Recoverable reserves of coal

Efficient CO2 Capture

The pre-combustion capture method is combined with IGCC. The treated gas has a high pressure, low volume and high CO2 concentration,which allows us to capture CO2 efficientiy and to lose less energy.

Reduction in the Volume of Ash

Coal ash is melted and discharged as slag ( a vitreous solidified product), which is currently effectively used as a base material for cement.

Research for standardization and increasing added value are underway, and it is expected that the effective uses will be expanded in the future.


Features of Oxygen-blown Coal Gasification

Syngas is characterized by abundant combustive components (CO and H2) and high calorific value.It is possible to expect that this will have even higher efficiency in the future in conjunction with an increase of the gas turbine combustion temperature.

Example gas composition