Coal Gasification Technology

EAGLE Gasification Technology

Features and Structure of the Gasifier

  1. The rotational flow of coal particles in the gasifier lengthens the residence time and encourages a gasification reaction. This will make it possible to obtain high gasification efficiency.
  2. We will place an upper/lower two-stage coal burner in the gasification section to appropriately control the upper/lower amount of oxygen supplied. This will achieve high gasification efficiency (= high power generation efficiency) and stable slag discharge.
  3. We will add low-grade coal, for which use is expected to expand in the future, to make it possible to apply a wide range of coal varieties. This will make it possible to expand to some bituminous coals that have been conventionally used in coal-fired power.
Characteristics and Structure of the Gasifier
Coal types usable in an EAGLE gasifier

*The Osaki CoolGen Project is a demonstration to scale up the EAGLE gasifier that was developed in the EAGLE pilot test (Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. (J-POWER) Wakamatsu Research Institute in Kitakyushu City in FY2002 to FY2014).
EAGLE:Coal Energy Application for Gas, Liquid, and Electricity