Coal Gasification Technology

EAGLE Gasification Technology

Features and Structure of the Gasifier

  1. The spiral flow of coal particles in the gasifier lengthens the residence time and encourages a gasification reaction.This will make it possible to obtain high gasification efficiency.
  2. We have placed an upper/lower two-stage coal burner in the gasification section to appropriately control the upper/lower amount of oxygen supplied. This has achieved high gasification efficiecy (= high power generation efficiency) and stable slag discharge.
  3. We will use low-grade coal, for which use is expected to expand in the future, to make it possible to apply wide range of coal varieties. This will make it possible to expand to some bituminous coals that have been conventionally used in coal-fired power.
Characteristics and Structure of the Gasifier
Coal types usable in an EAGLE gasifier

*The Osaki CoolGen Project is a demonstration to scale up the EAGLE gasifier that was developed in the EAGLE pilot test (Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. (J-POWER) Wakamatsu Research Institute in Kitakyushu City from FY2002 to FY2014).
EAGLE:Coal Energy Application for Gas, Liquid, and Electricity